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URL Rotator Version 2.0

I am pleased to announce some major upgrades to the HomeBizRotator URL Rotator.

These changes were made at the request of owners of the rotator script, who have provided great feedback over the last several months.

So, here are the major changes.

URL Rotator Enable or Disable – In the past, if you wanted a link in the rotator to no longer be shown in the rotation, you had to delete the link from the rotator. If at some point in time you then wanted the same link to be added back in, you had to again add the link back into the rotator.

Now, if you want to remove a link temporarily, you can simply edit the link and select “No” for Enabled and remove the link from the rotation.

By default, Enabled will be set to “Yes” when you add a new link.

URL Rotator Edit Link Page

URL Rotator Edit Link Page

Maximum Number of Link Rotations – You may now set a maximum number of hits you want a link to receive before the link is automatically disabled. You can add the maximum hits upon adding the link, or edit the maximum hits at any time.

This feature is great if you are running an advertising coop and you base your coop cost on number of hits. For example, say some people want to buy 50 rotates, some 60, some 100 etc., you can vary the rotations by URL and have an URL automatically disabled after it reaches the maximum rotations.

If you leave the maximum hits at zero, there is no limit to the number of times the link is rotated.

Default URL Delivered When No Links Available for Rotation – You can now set a Default URL in the Admin Profile. This is due to the fact that if you are using the maximum hits feature, all URLs could potentially become disabled and incoming traffic would have no where to go. So, if this happens to occur, all hits will be delivered to the Default URL so your traffic is not going to waste.

URL Rotator Admin Page

URL Rotator Admin Page

Page Rotation Weight – You can now set a weight for each link being rotated. This weight will deliver the number of “weight” views to the link, before moving on the to the next link in the rotation. This is useful for coop advertising where you don’t charge by hit, but people can buy a number of spots. You can set a rotation weight based on the number of spots a person purchased. In the past, you would need to add the URL to the rotator multiple times for each spot in a coop.

You can also use the new Maximum hits feature and the Weight feature together for individual URLs. For example, you could set a Weight of 5 on a link and a Maximum hits of 50. This link would receive 5 hits in a row before the next link would be rotated. Then the next time the link would come up for rotation it would receive 5 more hits. This would repeat until the maximum hits of 50 was reached, then the link would be disabled.

Enhanced URL Rotator Admin Page – The Maximum hits and Weight information has been added to the main admin screen. You can quickly see the set Maximum link rotation and the rotated views delivered thus far, the Weight set, and the weight views delivered thus far, plus the next link due for rotation is in bold and italics.

Link Rotator Main Admin Page

Link Rotator Main Admin Page

Link Rotator Reset Stats Page Enhanced – I have added the Maximum hits stats, and Weight stats reset options, that allow you to reset the rotated page views delivered so far for each option. Once a link reaches the maximum hits and is disabled, this reset allows you to quickly reset the maximum hits counts to zero and re-enabled the link for rotation.

Page Rotator Reset Stats Page

Page Rotator Reset Stats Page

These enhancements make the HomeBizRotator URL Rotator even more valuable for the same low cost. If you have already purchased the HomeBizRotator, you can get the update for free, by using the login codes you originally received after your purchase.


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How to Test and Track Your Websites For Better Performance

The most effective way to boost conversions is to carry out testing because there truly is no other way to optimize. This really is the only way to enhance conversion rates in general. Testing is useful due to the range of applicability to be determined with utilizing it.

There are a lot of instances where testing can be valuable such as your main page, primary content pages, sales copy, squeeze pages and a lot more. For sales letter copy or squeeze pages, the best item to evaluate first is normally the heading. The overall procedure is swift and simple to get due to the fact that it is simple split testing. We are going to look at this vital subject of testing and tracking in the rest of this article.

There are some vital factors to consider before you start testing your copy. The other factor of testing is tracking the servers who go to your website or anything else you are testing. You need to know every time a a web surfer clicks through one of your links on the page you are testing.

Technically, with a squeeze or landing page you can ascertain the number of people who become your subscribers. If you want an excellent tracking script that is no cost, then you may want to check out Google Analytics.

Testing is important due to the fact that no person in the world crafts the highest converting copy with their first final draft. Designs for landing or squeeze web pages and websites frequently are not as optimized as they can be, also.

The expensive copywriters on earth never create the best copy they can the first time. What that basically means is the only way to make something the best it can be is via testing and optimizing. It truly does not matter why many internet marketers do not test, just make sure that you do.

For A/B split testing, you have to use what is referred to a page rotator script . These are normally coded in PHP, and so you will just append the PHP file extension after the URL being tested.

After you have created a second page with the modification to be tested, then you FTP to your web host and are all ready to start testing. Make sure you just modify one thing such as the headline, for example. Testing just one item is essential because you should know what caused any conversion rate deviations. There is one other method to assess more than one item at a time, multivariate testing, but that is somewhat complicated and we won’t talk about it in this article.

I needed to improve my results with a sales letter that I was driving traffic to from PPC ads. The very first time I began to advertise it, the sales copy converted less than 1%. Then after about 30 days, after alterations and testing, that sales copy converted at about 7%. Hopefully you distinctly see that testing and optimizing your sites will certainly pay off for you.

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URL Rotator Updated Again

I have recently updated the HomeBizRotator URL rotator to give you the ability to upload a batch of urls all at once.

Previously, if you wanted to add multiple links, you would have needed to load each URL one at a time.  This could be rather time consuming if you were wanting to add a large number of links.

I had a user who was wanting to move away from his old random rotator to a sequential rotator script, plus he wanted the hit counting capability of my php rotator.

He was not thrilled about having to load the multiple links he was using in his old rotator, into the HomeBizRotator rotator script by hand.  So, I took his suggestion and created a batch link up-loader.

Now you simply copy your links from a text file, or from a spreadsheet, and past them into the rotator.  The rotator script will enable all links uploaded in batch mode, automatically name them, and have them set and ready to rotate.

Rotation Script

Rotation Script

If you would like to see the url batch update feature, you can access it via the php rotator, admin panel demo at:

You will need username: demo and password: demo123.

Feel free to batch upload some of your links and perhaps even get a little free traffic 🙂

How much more will I charge for this addition to the link rotator script?  The price will remain the same.  My goal is to periodically update the script while keeping the same low price.

If you have previously purchased the rotator, you get this new feature by updating your script.

I love it when I am able to take suggestions from my customers, and add new features that they need.  That’s one of the reasons this URL rotator is so popular and just keeps getting better and better.


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