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URL Rotator Copy Cat

I have noticed lately that there has been an increase in the number of URL rotators on the market lately.  That’s fine, there is nothing wrong with competition.

But, when someone who enter that market as your competition, and then copies significant portions of your sale page – well that is wrong and it is copyright infringement.

I’m not going to give this copy cat a link back, but will give you their domain –  I think for the price, my link rotator is still the best, but I may be a little biased.

So, I’m going to give you some of striking similarities between the two web page, and I’ll let you be the judge.

My web page title:
Link Rotator Script | URL Rotator | Link Hit Counter

Their web page title:
Link Rotator Software | URL Rotator Software | Link Hit Counter …

My headline:
If you are using a link rotator script or link randomizer service, that is not on your own domain or web host…STOP!

Their headline:
Are you using a link rotator service or link randomizer service? If so … STOP! Using a 3rd party service is costing you dearly!

My sub headline:
Have you ever thought about what you are losing by using a third party, url rotator service?
You know the link rotating service is not providing the service just out of the kindness of their heart.

Their sub headline:
Do you know what you are loosing by using a third party url rotator service? You know they are not providing the link rotating service just because they are kind hearted and want to help you!

Some of my benefits:
To improve your Alexa rating by rotating links from your site and not some third party site.
To start a team advertising Cooperative
To do split testing on your websites.
Protect yourself from old and dead links
Track your advertising.
Capitalize on page not found errors.

Some of their benefits:
To improve your Search Engine and Alexa rankings
To do split testing on your website’s.
No More Dead Links:
Co-Op Campaigns:
Track your advertising:
Capitalize on page not found errors

Another one of my benefits:
Natural looking rotator link – instead of http://yourdomain/links/rotate.php?id=234

Another of their benefits, copied almost verbatim:
Natural Looking Links – instead of

I guess I should be flattered that someone copied a lot of my sales page, I’m not a great copy righter so I didn’t think it was all that great.  But, I think I will have to take some action on this.

So, let me know, am I crazy or did this person copy a large amount of my URL rotator sales page?

Let this be a lesson – when you create a product similar to someone else, be original, find your own unique selling proposition and don’t copy other people sales text or selling propositions.

I have contacted the owner of the copying website, we’ll see how they respond.  If you visit their site and their sales page has changed, then good for them.

Oh yeah, another lesson – I discovered this by having a Google alert set that notified me of the keywords URL rotator.  When I saw that alert come through, I saw the title “Link Rotator Software | URL Rotator Software | Link Hit Counter …” and I thought – that sounds just like my site, but it’s not – red flag!

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