WordPress Link Rotator

I am the creator of the popular HomeBizRotator URL Rotator Script.

I have finally taken the time to create the HomeBizRotator as a WordPress URL rotator plugin.

The WP URL Rotator is still in testing but I’m hoping at I can get some visitors to Click This Link a few times and see that you will get a rotation of 4 different web sites.

This testing will help me see if the rotator is working and I can get some hits on the rotator link to test the stats gathering.


When the plugin is ready to be released it will be available at http://wpurlrotator.com


New Link Rotator Script Features

I have recently added now features to the HomeBizRotator Link Rotator Script.

These are features that have been requested by current customers. I listen to my customers, so if you have features you would like to see added, please contact me and let me know what additions you would like to see.

The additions to version 2.0.4 include:

  • The ability to sort links by the Name, Link and Enabled columns. You can now sort links in either Ascending or Descending order on any of these columns.
  • The ability to reset all Enabled, or Disabled links with click of a menu link.
  • The ability to perform batch operations on a number of rows, by selecting the check box of the row you want some Action to occur on. You have the ability Enable, Disable, Delete or Reset Stats on these checked items. Simply check the item you want actions performed against, select the action from the drop down and and click Perform Action to process the items.


My next big update to the URL rotator will be to make it a multiple campaign link rotator.


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How to Test and Track Your Websites For Better Performance

The most effective way to boost conversions is to carry out testing because there truly is no other way to optimize. This really is the only way to enhance conversion rates in general. Testing is useful due to the range of applicability to be determined with utilizing it.

There are a lot of instances where testing can be valuable such as your main page, primary content pages, sales copy, squeeze pages and a lot more. For sales letter copy or squeeze pages, the best item to evaluate first is normally the heading. The overall procedure is swift and simple to get due to the fact that it is simple split testing. We are going to look at this vital subject of testing and tracking in the rest of this article.

There are some vital factors to consider before you start testing your copy. The other factor of testing is tracking the servers who go to your website or anything else you are testing. You need to know every time a a web surfer clicks through one of your links on the page you are testing.

Technically, with a squeeze or landing page you can ascertain the number of people who become your subscribers. If you want an excellent tracking script that is no cost, then you may want to check out Google Analytics.

Testing is important due to the fact that no person in the world crafts the highest converting copy with their first final draft. Designs for landing or squeeze web pages and websites frequently are not as optimized as they can be, also.

The expensive copywriters on earth never create the best copy they can the first time. What that basically means is the only way to make something the best it can be is via testing and optimizing. It truly does not matter why many internet marketers do not test, just make sure that you do.

For A/B split testing, you have to use what is referred to a page rotator script . These are normally coded in PHP, and so you will just append the PHP file extension after the URL being tested.

After you have created a second page with the modification to be tested, then you FTP to your web host and are all ready to start testing. Make sure you just modify one thing such as the headline, for example. Testing just one item is essential because you should know what caused any conversion rate deviations. There is one other method to assess more than one item at a time, multivariate testing, but that is somewhat complicated and we won’t talk about it in this article.

I needed to improve my results with a sales letter that I was driving traffic to from PPC ads. The very first time I began to advertise it, the sales copy converted less than 1%. Then after about 30 days, after alterations and testing, that sales copy converted at about 7%. Hopefully you distinctly see that testing and optimizing your sites will certainly pay off for you.

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URL Rotator Updated Again

I have recently updated the HomeBizRotator URL rotator to give you the ability to upload a batch of urls all at once.

Previously, if you wanted to add multiple links, you would have needed to load each URL one at a time.  This could be rather time consuming if you were wanting to add a large number of links.

I had a user who was wanting to move away from his old random rotator to a sequential rotator script, plus he wanted the hit counting capability of my php rotator.

He was not thrilled about having to load the multiple links he was using in his old rotator, into the HomeBizRotator rotator script by hand.  So, I took his suggestion and created a batch link up-loader.

Now you simply copy your links from a text file, or from a spreadsheet, and past them into the rotator.  The rotator script will enable all links uploaded in batch mode, automatically name them, and have them set and ready to rotate.

Rotation Script

Rotation Script

If you would like to see the url batch update feature, you can access it via the php rotator, admin panel demo at:

You will need username: demo and password: demo123.

Feel free to batch upload some of your links and perhaps even get a little free traffic :-)

How much more will I charge for this addition to the link rotator script?  The price will remain the same.  My goal is to periodically update the script while keeping the same low price.

If you have previously purchased the rotator, you get this new feature by updating your script.

I love it when I am able to take suggestions from my customers, and add new features that they need.  That’s one of the reasons this URL rotator is so popular and just keeps getting better and better.


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URL Rotator Copy Cat

I have noticed lately that there has been an increase in the number of URL rotators on the market lately.  That’s fine, there is nothing wrong with competition.

But, when someone who enter that market as your competition, and then copies significant portions of your sale page – well that is wrong and it is copyright infringement.

I’m not going to give this copy cat a link back, but will give you their domain – prorotator.com.  I think for the price, my link rotator is still the best, but I may be a little biased.

So, I’m going to give you some of striking similarities between the two web page, and I’ll let you be the judge.

My web page title:
Link Rotator Script | URL Rotator | Link Hit Counter

Their web page title:
Link Rotator Software | URL Rotator Software | Link Hit Counter …

My headline:
If you are using a link rotator script or link randomizer service, that is not on your own domain or web host…STOP!

Their headline:
Are you using a link rotator service or link randomizer service? If so … STOP! Using a 3rd party service is costing you dearly!

My sub headline:
Have you ever thought about what you are losing by using a third party, url rotator service?
You know the link rotating service is not providing the service just out of the kindness of their heart.

Their sub headline:
Do you know what you are loosing by using a third party url rotator service? You know they are not providing the link rotating service just because they are kind hearted and want to help you!

Some of my benefits:
To improve your Alexa rating by rotating links from your site and not some third party site.
To start a team advertising Cooperative
To do split testing on your websites.
Protect yourself from old and dead links
Track your advertising.
Capitalize on page not found errors.

Some of their benefits:
To improve your Search Engine and Alexa rankings
To do split testing on your website’s.
No More Dead Links:
Co-Op Campaigns:
Track your advertising:
Capitalize on page not found errors

Another one of my benefits:
Natural looking rotator link – http://yourdomain.com/links instead of http://yourdomain/links/rotate.php?id=234

Another of their benefits, copied almost verbatim:
Natural Looking Links – http://yourdomain.com/links instead of http://yourdomain.com/rotate.php?pid=123

I guess I should be flattered that someone copied a lot of my sales page, I’m not a great copy righter so I didn’t think it was all that great.  But, I think I will have to take some action on this.

So, let me know, am I crazy or did this person copy a large amount of my URL rotator sales page?

Let this be a lesson – when you create a product similar to someone else, be original, find your own unique selling proposition and don’t copy other people sales text or selling propositions.

I have contacted the owner of the copying website, we’ll see how they respond.  If you visit their site and their sales page has changed, then good for them.

Oh yeah, another lesson – I discovered this by having a Google alert set that notified me of the keywords URL rotator.  When I saw that alert come through, I saw the title “Link Rotator Software | URL Rotator Software | Link Hit Counter …” and I thought – that sounds just like my site, but it’s not – red flag!

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Co-op Rotator Software

Run your own advertising co-op using the HomeBizRotator Co-op Rotator Software.

One of the best ways to build a downline in MLM, or help affiliates promote your product, is to start an advertising co-op.

Each co-op member buys a spot in the co-op, and the pool of co-op money is used to buy advertising, hopefully in bulk for a good discount.

Then you give the advertising resource one URL that spreads the traffic between the websites of each individual co-op member.

Sounds simple enough.  The problem I had when I wanted to run my first co-op, is I couldn’t find a co-op rotator script.

I found a service that would rotate links for me, but if I wanted to use more than 5 links, they wanted to charge me a monthly fee.

I didn’t really want to do this because, I didn’t know how long it would take for all the advertising to flow the system.  I feared that I would have to pay the monthly co-op rotator service fee for several months.

I didn’t want to take the chance of having the last visitors to the co-op URL to trickle in after I had canceled the monthly co-op rotator service.  Yet, I didn’t want to pay a monthly fee indefinitely.

So, I knew the best choice for me was to purchase a co-op rotator script that I could run on my own website.  Then, I wouldn’t have to worry about how long it would take for all the co-op traffic to trickle in and I wouldn’t have to pay a monthly fee.  I would have total control of my co-op rotation, and I could run multiple co-ops for different products, using different advertising resources.

I was surprised to learn that a coop rotator software that did what I needed it to do, was not easy to find.  I found a few random rotator scripts, but I wanted to make sure all websites had the same number of visits, so I needed a sequential co-op rotator software.

I found a couple of sequential rotator scripts, but they were around $100, but I really didn’t want to spend that much to try my first co-op.  So, I built a coop rotator script myself :-)

The link rotator script worked so well for me, that I decided to let others have access to the software.  You can have your own, easy to use, co-op rotator software for a lot less than $100.

Click here to learn more about the HomeBizRotator Link Rotating Script!

By the way, I would later come to realize that running my own coop rotator software had additional benefits.  The Alexa ranking, a calculation of how popular a website is, improved over time, and I could look at my web host stats for my rotator domain to see where the traffic was coming from.  This helped me to determine the best advertising resources.

If you are thinking of running some sort of advertising co-op, there is no reason not to run your own coop rotator script on your own web host.  The cost is low, and there are many benefits.


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HomeBizRotator – URL Rotator Instruction Video

Even though I think I have provided good instructions on the usage of the HomeBizRotator, I have had a large number of users ask me to do video instructions.

I gotta be honest, I don’t like doing videos because I don’t like my voice :-)

Well, I have finally given in, and created a video on the basic use of the HomeBizRotator. Sorry it took me so long!

I will do another video later on the more advanced features of the rotator.

This video goes over the basic features of the rotator and will help you get started with your link rotation.

I would appreciate it if you would “Like” the video for me.


If you haven’t purchased the HomeBizRotator, the above video will give you a look into the rotator administration panel.

To learn more about the rotator and to purchase the script, Click Here.

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More PHP Rotator Script Uses

The PHP Rotator Script has several different uses.  In my last post I talked about using it as an advertising co-op link rotator .

Today, I’m going to share with you something you need to be doing anytime you create a website link, a link in a PDF, or a link in an email.

You must always remember to manage your links.

Let’s say you are promoting an affiliate program.  You create a Squidoo lens, a Hubpage, a Weebly blog along with a number of other content pages on various services.  You place an affiliate link in each one of those pages going to the affiliate products home page.

Some time later you check your Squidoo lens and click to go to the affiliate product site, only to find the product no longer exists.  So, you go find another similar product to replace the dead product.  Then you change the links in your Squidoo lens, your Hubpages, and…oh know, you can’t remember where else you have content that points to that dead product.

So, you have a number of sites containing content that contain dead links.  All of the hard work you went through creating that content has been wasted.

Or, what if you hard coded an affiliate link in a PDF report or ebook.  You distribute that PDF all over the internet.  Then, the affiliate product owner changes the affiliate link, or starts giving the PDF away for free, or the product site is taken down.  Now you have thousands of those PDFs with bad links.

That’s why it’s important for you to manage your links to that you have control over them.

To protect your links, use the HomeBizRotator PHP Rotator Script.

You can do this in two different ways.
1.  Add the affiliate link for the product you want to promote to the rotator.  Then use the direct link to that URL in your PDFs or on your websites.  Then you can change that destination link in the rotator anytime you need to.

2.  Use the main rotator URL on your websites and in your PDFs.  Then you can change links within the PHP rotator script, to point to whatever site you choose to point them to.  Plus, you can test different products by adding several products to the php rotator script and track which products result in the most sales, as they are rotated to visitors.

That’s just one of the uses for the HomeBizRotator PHP rotator script.  I’ll provide a few more suggestions in a few days.


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Link Rotation Uses

The longer I use the HomeBizRotator rotator script, the more uses I find for it and the more I see others using it in different ways.

Here are two of the things I see link rotation used for.

1.  Network Marketing (MLM) downline building.  I have had a number of customer buy the rotating links script to help them build their MLM downline.

They would have their downlines buy a spot in an advertising coop.  The coop leader would purchase advertising in bulk, some have even purchased radio advertising.  The coop manager provides the advertising company one link to send the traffic to.  As traffic comes to the rotator link, each coop members MLM site is brought up in order.

As website visitors join the MLM, they are placed in the coop members downline as well as the coop leaders downline.  The individual coop members are happy and get excited as they get new downline members with little work.  The coop manager gets new members placed in his downline by helping his downline, with some work but with little money out of pocket.

2.  For testing multiple websites or offers.  Have you ever bought advertising, and sent it to one website that just didn’t convert well, then couldn’t change the destination site?  It’s frustrating as you see your money being wasted on a product that does not convert.  Instead, if you send the traffic to a link rotation script, you can change out, or add new links to rotate at any time.  You have more control over where your traffic is going to end up.  You can also test different websites or offers to find the best converting products.

I always suggest you protect your links going out in your ebooks or emails.  Use a link rotation URL in your ebooks or emails, so you can change the destination website on your end.  Once the email is sent, or the ebook is distributed, you can’t bring those ebooks or emails back and change the links.

If you are using a link rotation script, like the HomeBizRotator, you can change the final destination links on your end.  Products and companies change links, and disappear all the time.  Protect your links so you can easily change them on your end if you need to.

Next time I’ll talk more about some of the benefits of rotating links.


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URL Rotator Version 2.0

I am pleased to announce some major upgrades to the HomeBizRotator URL Rotator.

These changes were made at the request of owners of the rotator script, who have provided great feedback over the last several months.

So, here are the major changes.

URL Rotator Enable or Disable – In the past, if you wanted a link in the rotator to no longer be shown in the rotation, you had to delete the link from the rotator. If at some point in time you then wanted the same link to be added back in, you had to again add the link back into the rotator.

Now, if you want to remove a link temporarily, you can simply edit the link and select “No” for Enabled and remove the link from the rotation.

By default, Enabled will be set to “Yes” when you add a new link.

URL Rotator Edit Link Page

URL Rotator Edit Link Page

Maximum Number of Link Rotations – You may now set a maximum number of hits you want a link to receive before the link is automatically disabled. You can add the maximum hits upon adding the link, or edit the maximum hits at any time.

This feature is great if you are running an advertising coop and you base your coop cost on number of hits. For example, say some people want to buy 50 rotates, some 60, some 100 etc., you can vary the rotations by URL and have an URL automatically disabled after it reaches the maximum rotations.

If you leave the maximum hits at zero, there is no limit to the number of times the link is rotated.

Default URL Delivered When No Links Available for Rotation – You can now set a Default URL in the Admin Profile. This is due to the fact that if you are using the maximum hits feature, all URLs could potentially become disabled and incoming traffic would have no where to go. So, if this happens to occur, all hits will be delivered to the Default URL so your traffic is not going to waste.

URL Rotator Admin Page

URL Rotator Admin Page

Page Rotation Weight – You can now set a weight for each link being rotated. This weight will deliver the number of “weight” views to the link, before moving on the to the next link in the rotation. This is useful for coop advertising where you don’t charge by hit, but people can buy a number of spots. You can set a rotation weight based on the number of spots a person purchased. In the past, you would need to add the URL to the rotator multiple times for each spot in a coop.

You can also use the new Maximum hits feature and the Weight feature together for individual URLs. For example, you could set a Weight of 5 on a link and a Maximum hits of 50. This link would receive 5 hits in a row before the next link would be rotated. Then the next time the link would come up for rotation it would receive 5 more hits. This would repeat until the maximum hits of 50 was reached, then the link would be disabled.

Enhanced URL Rotator Admin Page – The Maximum hits and Weight information has been added to the main admin screen. You can quickly see the set Maximum link rotation and the rotated views delivered thus far, the Weight set, and the weight views delivered thus far, plus the next link due for rotation is in bold and italics.

Link Rotator Main Admin Page

Link Rotator Main Admin Page

Link Rotator Reset Stats Page Enhanced – I have added the Maximum hits stats, and Weight stats reset options, that allow you to reset the rotated page views delivered so far for each option. Once a link reaches the maximum hits and is disabled, this reset allows you to quickly reset the maximum hits counts to zero and re-enabled the link for rotation.

Page Rotator Reset Stats Page

Page Rotator Reset Stats Page

These enhancements make the HomeBizRotator URL Rotator even more valuable for the same low cost. If you have already purchased the HomeBizRotator, you can get the update for free, by using the login codes you originally received after your purchase.


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